Agile Aero, Inc. is a group of aviation and aerospace professionals with expertise in many aspects of advanced aerospace vehicle design, construction, and operations; rocket propulsion; and the regulatory environment for these activities. We will share that expertise with other  companies working to open the space frontier.

Our focus is solving a challenge that has long faced the aerospace industry.  Many advanced aerospace projects falter because of the long development cycle for custom aerospace vehicles. Recent years have seen breakthroughs in the rapid development and the prototyping of rocket engines, satellites, and many subsystems for advanced vehicles, but integrated vehicles are still developed with traditional slow methods.  Agile Aero is working to bring modern rapid design and prototyping techniques to complete vehicles for space launch, hypersonic vehicles, and innovative aircraft.  Once we have that capability, we will offer short schedule vehicle prototyping services.

We also have an interest in advanced propulsion and energy systems that go beyond conventional chemical propulsion and can significantly lower vehicle cost for key missions and offer breakthrough improvements in performance.
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